St. Thomas Dragway

Welcome to the Dragway Pre-Registration.

To pre-register, click on the class you would like to run and select your options from the drop down menu.

You can Mix and Match classes, crew and spectator tickets all into one cart.

Once you’re finished, proceed to the checkout where you will be asked to fill in some basic information. This will include creating a website account and entering Covid-19 contact tracing information, per health authority guidlines. Payment is via a secure PayPal portal. You can use credit cards on PayPal. You do NOT need a PayPal account.

The first time you checkout, you will receive 2 emails. One will be your account information and the other will be a receipt for the items you have purchased. With your receipt, we’ll include information about gate times and other pertinent weekend facts, etc.

The reason for creating an account is to make your checkout quicker in the future and it will be used to issue you credits, should one be required due to rainouts, etc.

Because you have pre-registered, when you arrive at the track you will proceed to a designated window, just for pre-registered participants and spectators to pick up your credentials.

Things to remember

  • Max 4 pit crew per race team (at this time)
  • Your crew can purchase their own tickets on line but must include your name
  • Pre-Registered Crew tickets can be left at pick up window if you don’t arrive together
  • In the event of breakage you need to get your tech card from the tower prior to eliminations and take it to the office,
  • In the event of rainout the value of your tech cards etc will be automatically applied to your account within 72 hours
  • Rainout credits are good for one year from rainout date
  • You can purchase only one event at a time , and all on line pre-registrations must be completed by noon Thursday.
  • You must have a paid admission for your entire stay. If you arrive Friday and only have Saturday/Sunday paid you will need to get in line with the non-registered entries.
  • There will be no sales at the pickup window.